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Trainer's Wheel of Misfortune: A Forum for Technology Trainers' Interests

  • 16 Sep 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Online - Link in registration confirmation and reminder emails


  • Members associated with a law firm in the greater New York metropolitan area, which includes the tri-state area of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York
  • Members associated with a vendor or independent consultants that provide technology services to law firms in the greater New York metropolitan area which includes the tri-state area of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York

Registration is closed

9 to 9:30 AM - Optional social time

Meeting starts at 9:30 AM.

Hear what blew people away at ILTA. 

Learn about a huge firm’s upgrade to Work10. 

Your topics, talking points, and questions from the field, will be moderated at our forum, in order to hear from YOU.  Each topic will be discussed for about two minutes by someone with the question or with an answer, then the topic is opened for discussion and questions from the attendees at large.  

Data management and cloud services, technology training in their second year, any topic could be on the table; join us and learn from your peers their most pressing tales. 

One Topics of Interest:

iManage Work 10 Technology Training Plan

I.                    Instructor Led Training

A.                Overview session: a walk-through of the new interface. 1 hr

B.                 Email Filing Webinar:  A session focused on email filing from Outlook, searching for email, and managing email in the new interface. 30 min

C.                 Office Integration: A webinar focused on the iManage Work desktop client, including the save as menu and the tools available on the iManage ribbon, tips will include altering the Quick Access Toolbar to add iManage tools.

D.                Search Webinar: A webinar focused on searching in the new interface. Both using the quick search tools as well as the advanced search options.

E.                 Ask Me Anything about iManage: A scheduled drop in webinar where folks can join a running Teams meeting and ask questions about iManage Work.

F.                  All sessions will be recorded and be made available asynchronously through Stream and MyDevelopment.

II.                 Learning Resources

A.                WilmerHale created Quick Reference Guides: A set of Quick References designed for WilmerHale. 

1.                  iManage Work - iManage Work Mobility Installation - One-time setup instructions for the iManage work Mobility app to accompany iManage Work desktop installation. For iOS devices only.

2.                  iManage Work - Creating WorkSpace Folders - The iManage Work WorkSpace Folders feature enables you to add pre-defined optional folders to existing client/matter workspaces.

3.                  iManage Work - Advanced Search Operators - In iManage Work, you can perform a Full-text search to locate documents based on the occurrence of search terms or strings in the text of the document. This reference includes search operators that allow search terms to be combined to restrict your search.

4.                  iManage Work - Email Attachments - How to work with attachments in iManage Work 10. Inserting documents, links, or both into a new email. Saving attachments as either new documents or new versions of existing documents.

5.                  iManage Work - Email Filing - Filing both outgoing and incoming messages from Outlook into iManage. Filing both single and multiple messages using the EM toolbar and iManage Work panel. Linking Outlook mail folders to iManage Communications folders.

6.                  iManage Work – Filters - Use filters in iManage Work from Recent Documents, folders in which you are browsing, search results, and while saving or opening files.

7.                  iManage Work - Getting Started - Getting Started for people new to iManage Work 10. Getting acquainted with the new interface and commands.

8.                  iManage Work – Mobility - Use the iManage work mobile app to view and download documents and filed emails, browse workspaces and folders, search for documents, edit documents on a device and save changes back to iManage, and work with NRL attachments.

9.                  iManage Work – Navigation - Find your way around iManage using the Navigation Panel. Access specific documents, emails, clients, and matter workspaces and folders.

10.              iManage Work – Office and Acrobat Integration - Use the File | Open and Save As commands from Office applications and Adobe Acrobat. Search for documents from the Open dialog. Customize the Quick Access Toolbar for new Work 10 tools. Get information about the DocID, iManage tab, and File tab commands in Work 10.

11.              iManage Work – Offline - Working with iManage Work 10 offline. Preparing files to take offline, editing them while offline, creating new files when offline. Then how to process files when you return to the network.

12.              iManage Work – Searching - Searching for documents, files, and emails in the iManage Work 10 web interfaces. Both Simple and Advanced Search.

13.              iManage Work - Timeline and Journaling - Timeline shows document details such as views, edits, profile changes, downloads as well as allows you to select a revision from an edit event and export a copy of the document in order to upload it as a new version.

B.                 iManage YouTube channel

1.                  Week one video series (13 videos)

a)                  01 Navigating in iManage Work Web Client

b)                  02 Performing a simple search using iManage Work Web Client

c)                  03 Previewing a document in iManage Work Web Client

d)                  04 Editing a document using iManage Work Web Client

e)                  05 Saving documents in iManage Work

f)                   06 Searching for documents, workspaces, and matters by matter number in iManage Work

g)                  07 Filing an email to iManage Work using Microsoft Outlook

h)                  08 Moving documents and making a copy

i)                   09 Importing a document as a new version

j)                   10 Filing multiple emails using Microsoft Outlook

k)                  11 Restoring items from Trash

l)                   12 Checking in and checking out documents

m)               13 Granting access to documents

2.                  Other iManage YouTube videos as they become relevant

III.              Distribution of materials

A.                Technology Learning Center

1.                  Links to Quick References and Videos

2.                  Link to feedback form

B.                 WilmerHale Team > iManage Channel

1.                  Frequent tip posts

2.                  Tab for YouTube Channel

3.                  Tab for feedback form

4.                  Tab for Technology Learning Center Page

C.                 MyDevelopment

1.                  Ability to register for courses

2.                  Ability to search for quick reference material

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